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LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI Srl is a company born from the idea of some technicians, producers and operators of the veterinary sector with thirty years experience in design, production and maintenance of professional equipment. The results obtained are based on the experience and collaboration of professionals, in line with the continuous evolution of the market.
In recent years, thanks to the continuous investments in technology and training, LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI Srl has been able to establish itself in the market of reference, obtaining promising results both in terms of growth and appreciation also at European level. LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI Srl, a consolidated company, proposes to the market new sales solutions, investing its own capital and developing autonomous projects of global service and general contractor.
The company in its interior is divided to work in various sectors: veterinarian, grooming, kennels, etc....
The strength of our company is to be direct manufacturers of equipment, offering its customers products with excellent quality and functional standards. We want to guarantee the answer to most of particular needs, customizing product and adapting to specific requirements of the operators.
Flexibility and quality of products, therefore, but not only: LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI Srl in addition to a consultancy and design service, has always provided reliable and competitive quotes. For LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI Srl, the achievements are not a point of arrival, but a springboard for new and important goals.
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LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI srl is organized in two production sectors: the first one deals with the laser cutting and bending of stainless steel she- ets, the second, where are also placed commercial and technical offices, is for welding, carpentry and finishing. Shipment of the finished product is also carried out n this sector.
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