Medical reports

Design, manufacture and maintenance of equipment for the figure of veterinarian

Provide the veterinarian with quality equipment to put him in the condition of being able to help, cure and assist any type of animal at best. This is the aim of Lory Progetti Veterinari, a company that, as the name suggests, deals with the design, production and maintenance of professional equipment for the figure of the veterinarian.

The company, unique in its kind in Italy, was born 30 years ago by the genius of Loredana Borghi and especially his passion for four-legged friends. At the time, no one would have bet on this type of work, specialized in the manufacture of furniture and equipment for surgical rooms, examination rooms, hospitals, veterinary laboratories. Yet on this the CEO of the company has built a thriving business that is giving many satisfactions both nationally and internationally.

The desire to embark on this path gave Loredana the opportunity to work closely with operators in the sector and it was also their enthusiasm that pushed her even more to continue to invest in her project, creating quality and functional articles, tailor-made for each customer.

Lory Progetti Veterinari offers a wide range of products and is able to respond to any type of request from operators in the sector: produces everything that can serve the dog world and specialized clinics such as cages, tables, tanks, furniture; creates articles for a professional grooming, also developing a real line of cosmetics designed ad hoc, up to the outfitting of special vehicles and dog kennels.

In this regard the company has had the honor of setting up the first operating room on a mobile vehicle given to the command of the Genoa Fire Department which is available to dog-friendly units in Italy and had the privilege of setting up in Padua the largest veterinary clinic in Europe. A real pride for Loredana Borghi that testifies that her company is now a well-established reality, 4.0, able to independently realize global service projects with cutting-edge equipment.

Specifically, the company has two production sectors: the first deals with laser cutting and bending of stainless steel sheets, while the second, where the commercial and technical offices are also located, serves for welding and finishing products.
Flexibility and quality of products are the peculiarity of the company but not only. Lory Progetti Veterinari is also very attentive to research and training. From this year has a meeting room where it welcomes industry experts for professional refresher courses.

Ambitious targets for the future. The company is designing a treadmill in the water for the rehabilitation of dogs, an operating table designed for large animals such as camels and horses, as well as all the necessary equipment for an optimal hospitalization.
All in the perspective of continuous growth, to provide professionals with the best tools.